Sensing Self aspires to serve humanity by empowering individuals to detect and learn about their wellbeing, through the accessibility of bioscience which focuses on non-invasive, cost-effective, at-home diagnostic solutions derived from integrative research. It aspires to facilitate the shift that is taking place in human life for health and body consciousness by sponsoring the awareness campaigns designed integrally around its products/services, which subtly helps expand the individual and the collective perspective about health that also shows the relational-complex among the bio-elements as well as among the self–society–culture–environment.


A country of 150 million Conscious Individuals.

Prevention aware screening of sugar daily. Consumers of disposable saliva tests.



A country of 100% Diabetic Free Children



A country leading Global Health Revolution.

Natural Lifestyles.


our global team

Sensing Self is founded by four entrepreneurs with over 25 years of individual contributions in the field of technology, bioscience, and human growth & development, working across the globe in multiple countries. We have founded the organisation with the integration of Bioscientists, Technologists, Nutritionist and Integral Development Experts working in this area and following the path of integrative and functional medicinal practices while treating hundreds of individuals for reversal and prevention of diabetes or pre-diabetic state.

We are each blessed to be part of this journey to contribute to humanity in a more direct way, to initiate the intervention, prevention and reversal of major health epidemic globally. We continue to strive to use the advancement of technologies in the field of Bioscience and Software to expand the impact of screening and preventative methods using non-invasive techniques and procedures and development in more areas ranging from more complicated chronic diseases to a common illness that engulfs the current state of life.

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