a group of metabolic disorders in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.

120 million pre-diabetic

adults and children


70 million+ detected
with diabetes

in India

children & young adults account for 70% ...

While a staggering

750 Million people worldwide

have pre-diabetic condition or diabetes, the disease is affecting more people of working age and children in the majority of the countries, according to the global diabetic associations and federations.

Health Matters.

For the future of India and the world.

7.3% of Indians are Diabetic.
10.4% of Indian are pre-Diabetic.

46% under age of 40.

Almost 18% of 1.2 Billion people.
Estimated to double in 15 years.

Prevention First.

For the rural and urban population of the world.

With empowered generation at the forefront of technology and global awareness, it is critical to re-design solutions that are democratized and have accessibility across the society. With the advent of Internet comes the knowledge and information. Our design solutions were initiated from an integral health perspective to promote prevention and intervention at early stages of diabetic or pre-diabetic care. Philosophically the non- invasive screening is envisioned to provide for complete freedom of time and space, freedom from blood collection, freedom of fear. Our technology platforms provide constant access to enable preventative measures and guidance over the mobile Internet.

Nutrition Matters.

Every gram, every time.

Each body is unique. It is not the carbohydrates or coffee, it is the effects of the total consumed nutrition on health that matters. When an individual is pre-diabetic or diabetic, different foods have different effects on the insulin production and glucose conversion in your body. By regular and frequent monitoring and becoming aware of how you feel you can easily adjust your daily intake of fruits, vegetables, proteins, ketones or any meal and revert your condition early. It is very important to understand local produce of fruits, vegetables, beans and sprouts and other natural diets, its source of organic nature and its cooking methods using low-fat oils and herbs to manage your condition.

Monitoring your Integral awareness.

Stress Impact.

Emotions in daily life resulting from deadlines, work Loads, disagreements, individual interactions, commute, social networks, world events - all create stress on our biological and physiological states.

Most individuals are unaware of the effects of daily stress on the body. When under stress, excessive amounts of CORTISOL hormone is released in response to stress and it functions to increase blood sugar through Gluconeogenesis. With instant and frequent testing and regular observation of your biological state, you can detect the impact of stress event in your body and help yourself re-shape your future, refine your choices.

Be Aware. Become Mindful.

Choices versus Habits

The Intelligence of personal habits - amplified.

Active Lifestyle has a great positive impact on our health. With healthy lifestyle are associated healthy choices. But as humans, we have subconscious habits. While running individuals talk on the phone or chat with the friends. Sometimes they invoke stress of thought while the body is active and using energy. It is critical to understand how your Biology reacts based on your habits, not just choices.

Be Aware to reshape your future.

Awareness is a conscious force. Prevention is a conscious effort.

Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic

With science & lifestyle choices, reversal is real. Awareness is a critical step.

Our advanced non-invasive glucose screening products are designed for all generations to become aware of your sugar levels in just 5 minutes. With better understanding, you can manage your lifestyle, your food nutrition, your choices consciously.

We use your Salivary Glucose measurement to give you medical lab grade results for daily lifestyle balance.

No needles. No blood.
Real-time awareness 24 hours. Daily.

Disposable. Bio-degradable. Mobile Ready.

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