Worried about Sugar?

World’s First Non-Invasive Diabetes Screening Test. Real-time.

Awareness is a conscious force. Prevention is conscious effort.

Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic. Or Simply a Health aware family.
Designed for all ages.
Intelligent Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Technology for New Lifestyles.

Disposable. Biodegradable. Mobile Ready.
Takes 5 minutes.

For your health awareness and conscious reversal of diabetic or pre-diabetic conditions

Understanding Sugar levels
is important for all ages.

With frequent and regular screenings your can reduce your risk of diabetic or pre-diabetic by 75%

Our disposable Salivary Glucose test is simple and hassle free.

No Needles. No Blood.

With extreme precision and years of research the science has been perfected over 7 years by a team of Bio-scientists, AI technologists and Molecular Researchers from Silicon Valley , India and South East Asia.

Become aware of new solution that can bring you greater insights


Non-Invasive Solution

for all ages.
Children, Youth, Adults and Senior Citizens

No Blood. No Needles.
Low cost. Medical Grade. Single Use.

More Frequent testing and ease of use are the center pinnings of our needle free solution for Salivary Glucose monitoring. Individuals or Point of Care clinics, measuring glucose is as simple as 5 minute test process designed for out of box instant use.

Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic.
Simply Glucose test effortlessly.

Individual Self-Test or Point of Care Clinic.

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Non-Invasive Saliva Test

No Blood. No Needles.
Low cost. Medical Grade. Single Use.

Saliva provides an ideal non-invasive solution for Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic screening. Each test takes about 5 minutes and can be recorded instantly using any Android phone. The Salivary glucose test is more closely aligned in accuracy with your LAB test results. Any adult or child can perform the Postprandial glucose test within 2 hours of meals and immediately get results to understand her or his sugar impact on the body.

Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic.
Test effortlessly in 5 minutes only.

Be Aware. Control your health.
Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Meditation
Diabetes is reversible.

our strips are environmentally friendly and made out of plant based biopolymer.

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Designed for utmost flexibility and ease of use. No guidance required.

Your Sugar Results in 5 Minutes.
Mobile Ready.

Habits. Choices. Impact.

Created with extensive Bio-science embedded with machine learning algorithms one of the first real-time Bio-molecular sensing health screening and frequent testing technology.

Over 30 man years of research and development and designed for medical grade performance at extremely cost optimized manufacturing for global reach. One of the most advanced biotechnology of current times.

Real-time monitoring. Anytime. Anywhere.
Designed For Android Devices.

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Eco-Friendly. Biodegradable. Chemical Free.